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in-ground tank

Do you have a site with contaminated soil? Do you need to meet EPA standards? Don't stress out about it! Instead, call Wiley & Sons Excavating and have all the hard work done for you. We'll remove your contaminated dirt safely.

Underground storage tanks can be a huge liability for your property, and can cause contamination. Remove your UST safely with Wiley & Sons Excavating.

Protect the environment and improve your land

Make sure your business is meeting the standards set by the EPA with our professional remediation and removal services. Make your appointment today!

Are you trying to prepare a site for a new building project? After you've cleared contaminated soil, take advantage of our commercial excavating.

Get professional service from the company in business since 1956

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Get professional environmental remediation

Remove your in-ground tank

Restore the environment

Make sure your site is prepped for your project