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Do you have trees blocking your fields? Are your fence-rows casting unwanted shadows, or do they contain undesirable plants? Clear your property and make sure you're getting the most use of your land - call Wiley & Sons Excavating today.

Do you need a haul-away service?

Are you looking for an excavation company to burn and bury your unwanted foliage? Make your appointment!

Trust your land-clearing job to the excavation company with nearly 60 years of experience!

Clear your land and use it to the fullest

  • Clear your fence rows

  • Remove unwanted woods

  • Complete cleanup after clearing - either haul-away or burn and bury

You can get commercial excavation services, or demolition services for your residential or commercial job. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Remove unwanted plants from your land

Clean up your debris

Full service land clearing

Do you need commercial land clearing?

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